“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – Benjamin Franklin

So why emag? It’s game backwards!
“Dust off the cobwebs, travel back in time and rediscover a happier childhood… Go on, dig out your old toys and board games and let’s all start playing again.” – Paul Kerfoot – Proprietor & Games Guru, Emag Toys & Games

One man’s dream, a passion and a hobby that became a reality!
The dream… One day (when retired) it would be nice to open up a traditional toys and games shop, like the ones we used to love and remember as children. Happier, less stressful days without those time-eating, mind-numbing modern day gadgets!

Emag is a bit of fun and an experiment in one
The shop is also 15 years too early for this impulsive Batley lad! Opened in early 2016 and due to work commitments – Paul (50) is creative director of Bulletpoint Design and also works as a motivational speaker and enterprise champion for schools – Emag was initially open on a Saturday only. (In December the shop will be open all day Friday and Saturday.) We also need more customers and have done well so far in finding the right stock and meeting some sensible running costs. Having never run a shop before, this labour of love has also been a challenging yet enjoyable learning curve. For example, I sometimes have to hunt for spares or buy three games to make two good ones. And spend hours checking and fixing what I can, as well as making sure everything is as close as possible to the original, like the many vintage Subbuteo sets we now have for sale.

The best bit about this little old shop is the new discoveries, the re-kindled memories, all the smiles and the look on your face as you walk through the door!

“Crikey… This brings back some happy memories. It’s like going back in time!” – Andy F, Mirfield

Emag – a blast from the past!
Looking back to the 70s Paul Kerfoot fondly remembers trips to Mr Turner’s toy shop at the Junction (Heckmondwike). His Mum Kathleen would also take him to go to see Santa at J&B’s toy store in Dewsbury, then go for lunch at the Sea Urchin Fish & Chip shop (still a family favourite). Holidays were spent at Filey Butlins where the kids played football, snooker, went swimming and left our Action Men and Choppers at home.

Tip: Dewsbury is also home of West Yorkshire’s world famous outdoor market.

Emag is on a mission!
Young people spend a lot of time on computers, games consoles, tablets and mobiles. Not only is this a future health risk – affecting eyesight and ‘frazzled’ brain cells – it’s also a shame so many are missing out on alternative and less expensive sources of fun and amusement. So it’s up to us to try and change these current trends and habits and get back to some old fashioned alternatives.

Please check out Paul’s Top 10 Toys and Top 10 Games recommendations. Even better, pop into the shop, ask for a demo and get to experience what real (old fashioned) gaming is all about. And let’s help get kids (and many adults) off those pesky gadgets!

The cardboard revolution
According to ‘Queen of Shops’ Mart Portas – BBC TV’s ‘What Britain Wants’ – traditional board games are making a comeback.

Thirtsy Meeples, a terrific cafe in Cambridge, features a huge library of over 2,500 board games you can play with friends and family while enjoying delicious homemade food. Games Gurus are on hand to help advise. Is this return to the past also a glimpse of the future?

Better than money in the bank
Many highly collectable vintage toys and games are a sound investment for the future. The cardboard revolution is here… Pop into the shop and travel back in time with Emag… Let’s play!