Paul’s Top 10 Games

  1. Subbuteo – Hasbro
  2. Masterpiece – Parker
  3. Hotel – Denys Fisher
  4. Tank Battle – MB
  5. Raving Bonkers / Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots – Marx / Mattel
  6. Battling Tops – Ideal
  7. Beyblades & Battle Strikers – Hasbro / Tomy & Mega Bloks
  8. Super Striker – Palitoy
  9. Battle of the Little Bighorn – Waddingtons
  10. Space Attack – Action GT

What’s your favourite?

Note: Scalextric should also be included in this list yet it could be considered a toy and game in one? See Top 10 Toys list.

Thought: Astro Wars (by Grandstand) was one of the first (great) hand-held ‘digital’ games to hit the market and nearly made the Top 10. However Paul relegated it to a different division as it’s not what Emag is all about.

Afterthought: Where does football or darts fit into such a list? And what about ‘Hide & Seek?’ The latter is possibly in the same division (or games category) as ‘Hedge Hopping’ and ‘Mischievous Night’. Great outdoor activities and daring adventures for us ‘Northerners’.

A parent’s constant battle to get kids of their gadgets
Joshua Kerfoot’s favourite games over 2015/16 were Beyblades and Battle Strikers. (These are re-inventions of Battling Tops from the late 70s.) Joshua (10) has also taken to Subbuteo table football and Scalextric when his Dad can manage to prize him away from his Xbox 360 or Apple iPad. So what next for Christmas Josh? “PS4 please!” he says, though Paul has also asked Santa for some metal Battle Strikers as a bit of a surprise.

Another successful convert
“You were right… Beyblades are better than Xbox! And it’s big of me to admit that.” – Lewis B (9), Huddersfield